Will the Pandemic Make us Re-imagine Change?

Will the Pandemic Make us Re-imagine Change?

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Wrestling our way towards a possible Covid end game, as people concerned with change and business, its surely time to reflect on how we have been coping and what we can do for others moving on. Now may just be the right time to stand back, reflect and perhaps do things differently as we move forward in a post-pandemic world.

Have we changed the way we do things because of Covid, or should they actually have been changed a long time ago regardless? Have we tried to make our customer experience a better one because of adversity or have we only now realised what actually matters to them? Are we now really more in tune with their needs or have we been forced to be by circumstances? Perhaps, accidentally we have started to notice our customers in the truest sense and how they use our products and services. What is clear is that 'The Voice of the Customer' has been made to be heard and come through loud and proud in many service circumstances. If we haven't adapted to meet their needs, they have every right to go to someone who can. For example, not all businesses have the luxury of being able to go on-line, I get that, but in a digital world we need to be tuned in and listening with intent.

Our customers may forgive us and only once if we don't adapt to meet their needs, then if we are lucky. There are literally hundreds of stories of companies who haven't changed in line with customer demands. You really don't want to be one of them. Banking is a great example of getting it right (in a way). 10 years ago, could you send money to your mate because you owed them £10? Could you pay your bills via your phone? Could you freeze your account if you lost your card? Of course not. But you can do all of that and more at most, if not all banks or whilst on the move. While the possible demise of the branch is mourned by some, for the masses, the bank is in their hand, handbag or their pocket. Financial services recognised the trend in the 90's and started to get ahead of it.

Another example of changing to meet 'current conditions' is the way deaths are registered. Previously, while having to cope with such a traumatic and sad situation, one had to make an appointment and be subjected to having to take time, trouble and effort to go and register the circumstance for a death certificate. However, in these times, this system has changed, and you now do it all over the phone. At a time of deep upset we have made it as easy as possible for the user of the system. In reality, it's also a better use of time and resources for the Registrar too. The experience is significantly better for all.

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